Bega Kwa Bega – Protecting Ugandan Water Supplies


Peter Gregor MD
Peter Gregor MD

A graduate of McMaster University Medical School in Canada, Peter Gregor, MD, has practiced as a cardiologist in West Virginia, California, and Kentucky. Outside of his professional life, Peter Gregor, MD, commits himself to supporting numerous philanthropic initiatives and community nonprofit groups. A longtime member of Rotary International, he has participated in the organization’s collaboration with the Ugandan nonprofit group Bega kwa Bega to bring water wells to Ugandan communities.

Initially founded by a Ugandan woman to help orphans in her native village gain access to clean water, Bega kwa Bega has been providing assistance to orphans and their communities for nearly two decades. The aftermath of Idi Amin’s presidency combined with the scourge of the HIV/AIDS epidemic has left many children throughout Uganda without parents or families, especially in impoverished communities. Therefore, in an effort to support these children, Bega kwa Bega focuses on several areas, including health, education, and children’s rights.

The organization has primarily focused on and made significant strides in improving the water crisis in the country. Faced with a severe lack of potable water, many Ugandans must walk up to five miles per day through dangerous conditions to obtain clean water for themselves and their families.

By providing clean, safe, and accessible water supplies, Bega kwa Bega helps protect the health and well-being of Ugandan communities. In addition to providing funds to protect natural springs, the organization has funded 18 boreholes and 27 water tanks for capturing and storing rainwater in regions without springs.